Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Remember the Paperboy

Posted November 17, 2010 11:46 a.m. EST

How many of you are on Facebook? What is your most unusual friend? How many of you have reconnected with people from many years ago?

This topic came up this morning when I received a friend request from my former paperboy. You have to turn the clock back to 1975 when John Tesh and I worked as radio news reporters and roomed at Meredith Village Apartments. John and I subscribed to the Raleigh Times and Simon Griffiths delivered it every weekday afternoon. I remember Simon as prompt, personable and polite. He still has the same warm smile today. Simon is married, lives in Raleigh and is an outstanding photographer.

Tell us about your friends on Facebook.  I will deliver a copy of my new CD Simple Beauty to the person with the most interesting story!