Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

100 Days of Fitness - Day 8

Posted November 15, 2010 10:40 a.m. EST

Who has spoken with the strongest voice of encouragement in your life? Who was that one person whose words lit a fire in your belly and made you want to do your very best? Please share your thoughts as I recite my latest routine in 100 Days of Fitness.

This is day eight and I got a real boost this morning at Bruegger’s. After ordering a pumpernickel bagel with light crèam cheese, as recommended by fitness, health and nutrition coach Tara Wind, a gentleman got up out of his seat and thanked me profusely for starting this campaign. He works with state government employees on health and fitness issues and he said 100 Days of Fitness is a wonderful model to follow. I appreciated his words so much. It was just the jump start I needed to begin the week.

Voices of affirmation are so important in our lives. I once had a basketball coach who always inspired me to play my best. Another coach just beat me down with constant negatives and I never excelled under him. I had a boss who always knew how to push the right button. I would walk on flames for him. Who have been the voices of affirmation in your life?

Coach Wind has decided to repeat last Monday’s workout today in an effort not to overwhelm us with too many different exercises at the beginning of this campaign. However, she has already crafted a special new strength workout for next Monday and it looks fabulous. I think you’ll love it.

Good luck on Day 8 of circuit strength training:

Circuit 1:
3 minutes rowing - resistence at 10, s/m > 30
20 pushups
20 tricep dips (off ledge near window)
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 2:
Step up to balance - either on medium box or cable step machine - hold 15 lbs each hand
10 right leg, 10 left leg
One leg bicep curl to overhead press - 15 lbs
10 right leg, 10 left leg
One leg tough down - all the way to the ground holding a 15 lb wt in the hand opposite leg you are standing on
10 right leg, 10 left leg
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 3:
Front plank hold 45s
Front plank hold - leg kicks to side - 15 right, 15 left leg
Side plank hold - elbow on bosu - 30 seconds each side
High plan with feet on bosu, hands on mat - knee to chest 15 each leg
Repeat 3 times