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100 Days of Fitness - Day 3

Posted November 10, 2010 9:17 a.m. EST

My favorite comment so far on my 100 Days of Fitness campaign came from a brilliant bluegrass musician from Chapel Hill, John Santa:

"Day two of 100 Days of Fitness. Twinkies and pizza on the couch watching Star Trek re-runs. SOMEbody has got to keep this cosmos in balance. It's called karma, Bill and I am here for you my brother!"

Good one, John! I’ll think of that when I’m working up a pool of sweat today at the gym. This is day three of the campaign and the focus is strength, core and total body. Here is the work-out prepared by our coach, certified trainer and registered dietitian Tara Wind:

The workout today is focused on 'supersets' of all the major exercises - squats, chest, lunges, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps.

Supersets typically use a couple of exercises back to back of the same muscle group with no rest. Each set activates different types of muscle fibers by altering variables.

Today we use 3 exercises back to back - an example of one of the progressions we used was the following:
1. Weighted exercise (squats holding weights) 2. Unweighted exercise, unstable surface, maybe dynamic (Bosu jump squats) 3. Static holds (wall sit)

Here is our actual workout:

20 weighted squats holding 12.5 lbs each hand 20 bosu jump squats 30 second wall hold

Push-up hold 20 seconds with 10 reps
Standing cable chest flys using resistance band, one leg Bosu standing chest flys holding 12.5 lbs wts

2 long rows walking lunges holding 12.5 lbs each hand 10 static lunges each leg, one leg stabilized on bosu 20 second lunge hold, 12.5 lbs wts in hand

20 seconds hold, elbows at right angles, 20 over head presses, 12.5 lbs each hand Front raises, one arm at a time, one leg on resistance band Side raises, one arm at a time, one leg on resistance band

Standing tricep kickbacks, 12.5 lbs each hand, 20 reps Standing tricep pulldowns holding resistance band, one leg, 20 Tricep pushups

Standing 20 second curl hold using resistance band, 10 reps - repeat Hammer curls - one minute holding 12.5 lb.

Any questions so far? How is it going? Yesterday’s 50 minute cardio workout went well. I’m already feeling stronger.