Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

I am a Plott Hound

Posted November 10, 2010 8:27 a.m. EST

Let's have some fun today. If you could be a state symbol what would you be and why? I'll give a prize to the person with the best answer.

I think I would be a Plott Hound. It would be fun to run a bear up a tree. I would also like to intimidate a wild boar. But of course I would still be a gentle and loyal companion to my owner. I'd like to sound like a bugle and fight like a gladiator. Yes, that's what I would be - NC's official state dog.

What about you?

If you need a refresher course here are the options:

You could be a blueberry or a strawberry. How would you like to be a refreshing glass of milk? Maybe you'd like to fly and sing as a cardinal. Perhaps you love the water and would take on the role of a shad boat. You could go on a high protein insect diet as a Venus Flytrap. You could celebrate Christmas every day as a Fraser Fir.

You could swim the seas as a Channel Bass. You could bathe in the warmth of springtime as a dogwood flower. Maybe you love the mountains and would prefer being a South Appalachian Brook Trout. You may have a sweet personality and a Scuppernong Grape fits you well. If you're a hard worker with a sweet tooth you might want to think about becoming a honeybee. If you love nuts why not be a Gray Squirrel. It's okay to be slow, steady but reliable as an Eastern Box Turtle. Maybe you're rock solid and would like to be a slab of granite. Perhaps you love the sound of crashing waves and would flourish as a Scotch Bonnet seashell.

You look great in green so you may consider becoming an emerald. Or you relish the stirring sounds of bagpipes and you want to become the Carolina Tartan. You would surely look mighty fine as a Carolina pine. You're rich in vitamins so you want to become a sweet potato. That's not bad. Or you glow in your garment of red and orange and a Carolina Lily suits you perfectly. Does that help?

Wow us with your creativity!