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100 Days of Fitness -Overview

Posted November 4, 2010 9:08 a.m. EDT

Our new 100 Days of Fitness campaign has created quite a buzz on this blog and on Facebook. I'm glad to hear that a lot of you are interested in getting started. Today is day four of my 100 days of commitment to better health. I'll be your trailblazer staying one week ahead of the pack and commenting on how things are going so you won't have to repeat any of my mistakes. So, if everyone is on board we will officially start this program next week on Monday.

Here is an overview from our coach Tara Wind, a certified trainer and registered dietitian at Lifetime Fitness in Cary.

Take 4 weeks at a time.
First month - pick 4 areas of your eating habits that need to be improved upon.
Each week set one as the goal and set parameters (ie cut down on diet sodas by only drinking 2 per week).
With each passing week you keep the same goal as the weeks prior but start a new one as well (ie continue to drink only 2 diet sodas per week as you did week 1, also give up eating sweets after dinner starting week 2)
Plan for next 2 months to follow. . . .

Make a calendar.
How many days per week can you commit to a workout? Subtract one day for a 'no plan' do whatever you feel like for exercise day.
Is weight loss your goal? Give yourself more cardio workouts than strength or an even mix for the first month.
We picked 2 of each for the first month - it may change in December and January or we may change to cardio and strength sessions on the same day . . . . .stay tuned.

You need a variety of intensities and crosstraining.
One day per week includes as least 3-5 different pieces of cardio equipment if you have access - each for 5-10 minutes. This is a great way to keep the heart rate elevated and the body challenged - it also gets you used to trying new equipment that can be very beneficial - such as the rowing machine and stairs.
If you don't have a gym membership - consider walking, running, hills, steps, biking. . . .
The other day of cardio week should be a 'tempo' day - where you are not using as many pieces of equipment - more going for cardiovascular endurance and a constant work effort.
Intervals are also beneficial so we are adding those in starting in December. . . . .

Depends on your background with strength exercises, knowledge of proper form, goals.
On Mondays I have Bill doing straight forward, non-compound (one body part at a time) exercises that I know he is comfortable doing. His workouts are structured as circuit training where he will do 3-5 strength exercises without taking a break - keeps his heart rate elevated, maximizes his time spent training - then he repeats the set 2-3 times. He will always do core on this day!
On Wednesdays when I am training him the strength sessions are a bit more challenging - either supersets, intervals of cardio/strength and lots of stability one legged exercises.


Thanks, Tara!  I will have more specific information on my first week of work-outs tomorrow.