Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

100 Days of Fitness

Posted November 3, 2010 9:41 a.m. EDT

How are you doing on fitness and nutrition? Please discuss. Remember our Ten Pounds Down program last year? It worked, remember? Would you like to join me on another health campaign? Misery loves company, you know! Actually I am really excited about a new program.

Over the last few months I’ve been wandering aimlessly about the gym gravitating to comfort zones like the basketball court, the treadmill and upper body weight machines. I’ve been going to the gym without a plan and it’s showing in my overall fitness. Personal trainer and registered dietitian Tara Wind of Lifetime Fitness says it’s time to shake things up with a disciplined approach. Tara has developed a three month plus program we’re calling 100 Days of Fitness. It incorporates a highly structured workout and nutrition regimen that emphasizes a wide range of exercises and nutritional elements.

If any of you are interested in joining me on this campaign please let me know. I will offer specifics of the program tomorrow.

Here are some questions for our coach Tara Wind and her answers:

(1) What will all of this variety do for me in terms of fitness?

The workouts are designed to improve overall fitness - you should make gains in strength, muscle endurance, cardio endurance and core stability while losing body weight and body composition.

(2) What kind of shape will I be in if I abide by this schedule for 100 days?

Ripped! Just kidding - 10 lbs lighter but the most noticeable difference will be in body composition and overall fitness. Not to mention you will be a lot more excited to come workout because each day is different.

(3) Do some people need more structured work-outs?

Everyone needs a plan! You will work out harder, prevent boredom, perform at a higher intensity for longer if you have a structured plan and know the purpose of each workout.

(4) In general what do I need to do in terms of nutrition?

Change eating habits that are hard to quit - such as eating the same foods day after day, not eating enough during the day so you eat too much when you get home, snacking at work on whatever is available even if you are not hungry. . . .