Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Vivid hurricane memories

Posted September 1, 2010 11:50 a.m. EDT

What is your most vivid hurricane memory? Please share your stories as we get ready for Hurricane Earl along the North Carolina coast.

Hurricane Fran in 1996 impacted me personally more than any of the others with all those trees that fell on my roof but I certainly felt the pain of the people downeast in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro and Princeville three years later in the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd.

Hurricane Hugo in 1989 was a powerful storm that pummeled Charlotte and brought down huge trees all across the Queen City. I covered Hugo in Wilmington where we thought landfall would occur. But of course we remember Hugo's violent march inland near Charleston and the damaging path it took on into the mountains of western North Carolina.

Some of you may remember Hazel. I remember stories of people remembering Hazel but not the hurricane itself.

What are your hurricane memories?