Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Summer Relief

Posted August 23, 2010 11:32 a.m. EDT

This is the hottest summer I can recall in North Carolina. It’s been one blistering heat wave after another. I was a little nervous about going to my mountain cabin over the weekend. I don’t have a lick of air conditioning up there. You just open all the windows and hope for a pleasant breeze. Well, it was wonderful up there this weekend. I didn’t need any AC. Even a gentle rain Saturday afternoon and evening seemed perfect for a little songwriting. I’ve just started work on a special Christmas for next year and the mountains have a way of stirring up new tunes.

I just wanted to share the view from my porch yesterday morning. It wasn’t a five star sunrise but it was just what I needed to remind me of God’s great creation. I rush around too much during the week zipping from chore to chore. In the mountains the pace is slower and you have more time to think and be.

Where do you go to find peace? Please share.