Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Ugly Sweaters

Posted August 16, 2010 7:23 a.m. EDT

How many of you go to or hold yard sales? What's your best story? What's the most interesting item you have bought or sold?

The headline from our family garage sale over the weekend was: People will buy just about anything except ugly sweaters.

Yes, I was the butt of the family jokes. Not one of my old sweaters sold. My neckties, however, were a different story. They were hot items. Books. Weights. DVDs. Make-up. Certain clothes. Music cabinets and equipment. They all sold but, of course, at bargain prices.

I was surprised at how early people come out for yard sales. We advertised a 7:00AM start but people starting showing up at 6:00AM. Some buyers said they were purchasing items of less fortunate families. I thought that was nice.

When we finished we took the nicer things that didn't sell over to the local Goodwill.

It feels good. We've got a little extra cash and more room in the house now.