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Our State of food

Posted June 28, 2010 7:41 a.m. EDT
Updated June 28, 2010 8:25 a.m. EDT

There’s a wonderful article in the latest edition of Our State magazine on the 100 Foods You Must Eat in NC’s 100 Counties. I must admit I can’t wait to try the pimento cheese at Smith’s Drug Store the next time I’m in Rutherford County. Maybe I will also go visit Luckadoo Mountain on that trip in honor of my good friend at NC State University Tim Luckadoo.

I’d like for all of our posters here to identity their home county and offer up one dish at one local restaurant that shouldn’t be missed. This will surely be a lot of fun. 

Our State picked Aged Steaks from The Angus Barn as the “don’t miss” food from Wake County. Cindy and I were at The Angus Barn recently and had a wonderful evening. I was tempted to try the dish honored by the magazine but opted for my own favorite Oscar style ribeye. Chocolate Chess Pie is another one of Van Eure's signature dishes at the Barn. 

The Magnolia Grill’s Twice Baked Grits Souffle won top honors for Durham County. I’ve never tried the House-Cured Pastrami at Neal’s Deli in the Orange County town of Carrboro but apparently I should. For dessert I think I’ll try the sugar cookies at the Cottage Kitchen in Kittrell as recommended by the magazine. 

I grew up on Our State. My parents and grandparents both read it. The magazine is a whole lot more colorful and interesting today. Hats off to Bernard Mann, Lynn Tutterow, Elizabeth Hudson, Diane Summerville and others for a job well done month after month.