Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Shout Out Tuesday

Posted June 8, 2010 9:32 a.m. EDT

It's Shout Out Tuesday. Salute someone who has done a great job for you. Name 'em and fame 'em right here on this blog! Maybe it was the new kid who did a bang-up job mowing your lawn. Perhaps it was the picture framer who did a top notch job on your family portrait.

I'd like to start with my wife Cindy for an awesome chicken recipe last night. It was so tasty and very healthy. I would also like to give Cindy a big pat on the back for countless hours helping our daughter Lauren get ready for her September wedding.

I would also like to thank the guys in the accompanying photograph. Wes Lachot and John Plymale did an outstanding job mixing my new music CD this past weekend at Overdub Lane in Durham. They did a masterful job and were a lot of fun to boot.

What about your world? Who has made it a little bit brighter recently?