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Charming Edenton

Posted May 7, 2010 9:35 a.m. EDT
Updated May 7, 2010 11:13 a.m. EDT

Charming Edenton is North Carolina’s second oldest town. It was laid out in 1712 and incorporated 10 years later on Albemarle Sound. Locals refer to Edenton as the Mothertown. It was the first colonial capital of North Carolina.

I love the beauty and history of Edenton. The town had its own tea party protest. It occurred in 1774 when Penelope Barker led 50 leading local ladies in signing a pledge to stop using tea as part of a tax protest against Britain. Many of the original homes and businesses here have been beautifully restored. Architecture runs the gamut from Jacobean to Greek Revival.

How many of you have been to Edenton? Where did you stay? Where did you dine? How would you describe the natives? I’ve spent a few nights in Edenton at Granville Queen Inn and Trestle House Inn. Both were excellent. I can’t remember the names of any restaurants, but I do recall the seafood was very good.

With the completion of the U.S. 64 bypass, it’s a lot easier to get to Edenton. The trip from Raleigh is 140 miles, and you can make it in two hours and 20 minutes. I’d love to get down there for the Christmas Candlelight Tour and come back in April of next year for the Edenton Pilgrimage featuring tours of 10 historic homes. So many homes along the waterfront are beautifully landscaped.

What else should we say about Edenton?