Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Walk Across America

Posted April 5, 2010 10:24 a.m. EDT

My nephew is in the 10th day of his walk across America. I would like to collect greetings and well wishes from our fine Carolina Conversations bloggers to pass along to Matt Green. Please take a moment to comment.

Matt is walking from Rockaway, NY to Rockaway, OR. He estimates the trip will take nine months. Matt is doing this simply for the adventure. He doesn’t have any corporate sponsors. He’s not traveling with a political agenda. He may write a book about his experience. Beyond that he’s just enjoying the freedom each day to walk, talk and make new friends and see new places.

Matt is a wonderful young man. He was valedictorian for his graduating class in high school and went on to get an engineering degree. But he couldn’t get over a burning desire to see the rest of the country. So, before he settles down he wanted to travel across the fruited plain and see America in a unique journey. Matt’s mother is my sister Miriam. While she’s excited about his trek she also says “this will be the longest nine months of my life.”

I’m leaving a link to his web site. Please take a moment to check it out. He has some interesting photographs. Let me know what you think.