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100 Good Memories

Posted March 12, 2010 7:54 a.m. EST

Folks really seemed to enjoy a blog topic here two years ago called 100 Good Memories. Think of something in the past that makes you smile. Please put just one thought per thread, however, feel free to leave as many threads as you would like.

If you like today's topic, help make this a Golo Hot Topic by voting for it at the start of the comments section. Let’s try to generate 100 Good Memories today.

I'll start with several memories. Please offer yours.

(1) I remember when Mission Valley Shopping Center in Raleigh was a 36 hole putt putt golf course.

(2) I remember great seafood at Neptune's Galley on Western Boulevard.

(3) I remember laughing to Ray Wilkinson's stories about Cecil and Leonard

(4)  I remember Sail With the Pilot commercials in the ACC Tournament.