Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

1,000 Push-ups

Posted February 17, 2010 8:27 a.m. EST

I woke up with a wild notion last week. While rolling out of bed I thought: "I'd like to do 1,000 push-ups this week."

High school basketball coach Martin Champion had more than a great name. He had great advice. He told me that I if ran and did push-ups every week I would stay in good shape. Coach Champion called the push-up the "miracle exercise." That's because it works out a myriad of muscles including biceps, triceps and forearms. Push-ups are also great for the chest, upper back and shoulders.

But 1,000 a week? Well, I love challenges and I had to give it a try. I'd been frustrated with my inability to shed some holiday pounds. So I hit the floor in our playroom during a televised basketball game. I sometimes get worked up during those games so push-ups were a good release of energy. I was able to knock out 40 push-ups during commercial breaks. By the end of the game I had logged 200. The next day I managed to perform 100 push-ups despite a few aches. My daily totals for the remainder of the week were: 200, 100, 200, 0 and 200. So I made it!

This week I've decided to expand my goal and add 1,000 abdominal exercises. Trainer Tara Wind at Lifetime Fitness has prescribed an interesting blend of exercises to prevent boredom and back problems. As a goal oriented person I am really enjoying the journey.

What is your favorite exercise? How is your fitness program going? Please share your stories.