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Towns that share names

Posted February 15, 2010 9:16 a.m. EST

It's President's Day - a day to celebrate the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We have towns in NC named Washington and Lincolnton. But, did you know that Lincolnton and Lincoln County were not named for Honest Abe? They were named for Benjamin Lincoln from the Revolutionary War.

It's really interesting to note how many towns share common names across America. Three of the most popular names are Washington, Madison and Jefferson and we certainly have those names covered in Carolina.

Jackson is also a very popular town name. Of course, North Carolina lays claim to Andrew Jackson who served as President. South Carolina also counts Old Hickory as a native. Franklin is a hugely popular town name. I counted 26 Franklins across the fruited plain in honor of Ben Franklin..

Morning colleague Kelcey Carlson grew up in Indiana. We found more than two dozen towns in her home state that share names with NC towns. We are featuring some of those towns this week during our Hometown Hello segment at 7:10AM and 8:10AM on WRAL News on Fox 50.

What other town names are common across America. Please join the discussion.