Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Favorite Pizza

Posted January 19, 2010 9:25 a.m. EST

It was pizza night at the Leslie house! I was really excited. My daughter Lauren did the cooking. She's on break from year-round school as a first grade teacher. She's spending most of her time planning her wedding in September but she's also doing some cooking and that's great.


Pizza can kill a low carb diet but it sure tastes good and in moderation I think it's fine. We did this a while back but I'd like to do it again. What is your favorite pizza restaurant?


I surveyed the morning news team. Kelcey's favorite is Lilly's in Raleigh. Brian prefers Salvio's in Cary. Elizabeth loves Mellow Mushroom which also drew raves from several crewmembers. I really like Cinelli’s pizza and The Loop’s Mediterranean pizz is terrific. Amedeo’s also serves up great pizza.


What about  your favorite?   Who makes the best pizza?