Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Slice of Life - Cary

Posted January 11, 2010 10:02 a.m. EST

Our Slice of Life series begins in Cary. Here’s what I like about the town. The crime rate is very low. The population includes people from all over the world. Dinner parties are always fun in Cary. You can learn a lot. Some people in other towns make fun of Cary but I think they’re only jealous. Cary used to be a little too rigid but has learned to loosen up a tad. Of course the guy with the drainage problem who wrote a message on his house might disagree. There is a heart and soul to Cary and it’s a rich one.

Cary’s Mayor Harold Weinbrecht is a good man. I go to church with him. He works hard and truly cares about the people of his community.

I like downtown Cary – especially Ashworth Drugs with its old fashioned soda fountain. Ralph and Daphne Ashworth are two of the finest people I’ve ever known. I love attending events at the Page Walker House by the train tracks and look forward to the new arts center at the old Cary Elementary school site.

It’s hard to beat Cary for greenways and parks. I love taking my dog Rufus on walks at Hemlock Bluffs, Regency Park and Black Creek.

Great concerts are held each year at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency. It’s also a perfect place to watch fireworks on the fourth of July.

Cary has lots of excellent restaurants. Maximilians is one of my favorites. A hot new restaurant is Giorgios at the corner of High House Road and Cary Parkway. I highly recommend their Chermoula Spiced Salmon.

For superb coffee try Java Jive. I love Danny’s Barbecue in Cary. My favorite wine store is Anytime Wines at Lochmere.

Those are just some of the things I love about Cary. What are your opinions, recommendations and suggestions? Please share.