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Best Holiday Decorations

Posted December 7, 2009 7:04 a.m. EST

Thank you for the many wonderful comments on the Holiday Wish List blog. Many entries were quite touching.
I wish I were a handyman who could fix that broken toilet mentioned in the comments. I also appreciate the selflessness of those who truly have the welfare of others on their minds this holiday season.

I would like to announce two winners to the contest: ncgrlfrnd and anggiet. Each will receive a copy of my book Blue Ridge Reunion and two of my CDs. The winners should send me their addresses so I can put their packages in the mail this week. My email address is

Also, if anyone would like to purchase a personally signed copy of my coffee table book and CDs just drop me a line at and I fill the orders promptly. I am spending this week completing a number of personal orders. They make excellent gifts for the holidays.

Today's question: What North Carolina town has the best holiday decorations? Please share your thoughts.