Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Mountains and trees

Posted November 30, 2009 9:16 a.m. EST

Can you name this mountain?

Using a telephoto lens I captured this image from the porch of my mountain cabin in Alleghany County yesterday morning. To me it looks like a mountainous island in a stormy sea. It’s funny how clouds, mist and fog can transform a landscape into a sea scene.

In other news from the mountains we bought a couple of Fraser Firs from Joe Edwards Christmas Tree Farm in Sparta. We purchased a six and eight footer for $70. I thought that was a bargain. One of the workers told us they haven’t raised prices in nine years. The trees look very green and healthy this year.

Have you bought your tree yet? What kind do you like? Please share your best Christmas tree stories.

Now back to that mountain scene. What is that?