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Authors of the coast

Posted September 16, 2009 9:27 a.m. EDT

We continue our weekly series of stories on Ocracoke with the following question: What is your favorite book about the North Carolina coast? Please share your thoughts.


One of my favorite books is Ocracokers by Alton Ballance, a native of the village and island along the Outer Banks. Alton’s book, originally published in 1989 by UNC Press, contains marvelous stories about shipwrecks, pirates, fishing, wild ponies and hurricanes. The book also contains some great black and white photographs.


Alton also helped with a publication called Ocracoke in the Fifties. The book was the brainchild of model fashion photographer and children’s author Dare Wright who died in 2001. You’ll love the black and white photographs in this book as well.


What about you? What author best makes the beauty of the North Carolina coast come alive with his or her words and pictures? Maybe for you it is David Stick, Kevin Duffus, Kaye Gibbons or Nicholas Sparks.