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Strong Woman

Posted August 24, 2009 9:53 a.m. EDT

Who is the strongest woman in your life?  What qualities set this person apart?  Historically, what females come to mind as strong and powerful role models? Please share your thoughts.

I’d like to thank Dolley Madison for inspiring today’s blog topic. On this day in 1814 the Guilford County native calmly led the evacuation of America’s executive mansion.  British troops had set fire to the mansion. Dolley, the wife of President James Madison, made sure a portrait of George Washington and other important items and documents were safely removed from the burning structure. After the fire the mansion was restored, given a coat of fresh paint and a new name – The White House.

Dolley Madison was a vivacious extrovert with an incredible memory for names. She could run rings around anyone in the social circles of Washington. Many credit Dolley with a major role in her husband’s re-election in 1812. She knew lots of people and they loved and admired her.

Does anyone in your life remind you a little of Dolley Madison?  Feel free to honor that person with your words today.