Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Hometown Hello

Posted August 20, 2009 7:59 a.m. EDT

We love to do themes on our popular Hometown Hello segment each morning. At 7:10A.M. and 8:10A.M. each week day morning on WRAL News on Fox 50 we profile a North Carolina town and offer three or four interesting facts about the community.

This week we are profiling towns with upbeat names. We did Love Valley today. Do you remember the controversial rock concerts held there several decades ago? Earlier this week we saluted the community of Joy in Burke County. We also talked about Heartsease in Edgecombe County. Harmony in Iredell County was featured yesterday. Have you ever heard of a community called Friendship? Well, tune in tomorrow.

Next week, just for the fun of it, we will profile Tar Heel towns and places with downer names such as Worry, Kill Devil Hills and Cape Fear.

Plus, we’re planning an insect week. I came up with five communities with insect names. Why would you name your town after a bug? Beats me.

Today’s question: what is your hometown and how could we include it in a Hometown Hello theme week? We would love to hear your ideas as we learn more and more about this great state of North Carolina.