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Contest winners

Posted July 28, 2009 9:51 a.m. EDT

Congratulations to gymjudge for winning the Ten Things I Miss about Childhood contest! We had lots and lots of great memories and I appreciated so much reading each list. If gymjudge will send me her address I will send her a copy of my Blue Ridge Reunion CD.

Congratulations also to carolina buckeye for winning the Collections Contest with her son's cicada skin collection.

My email address for both winners is

I thought you would enjoy reading gymjudge's list again. She grew up in Illinois:

(1) Walking home at dusk to the sounds of the Cubs/Cardinals baseball games drifting out of open, lace curtained windows.
(2) Falling asleep on blankets covering the living room floor with all of my cousins. while the parents laughed, talked and played cards at the dining room table.
(3) Playing basketball with my Dad, brothers and their friends as the only girl and scoring over most of them.
(4) Friday night football games in small towns.
(5) The first snow flurries of the year.
(6) Hot chocolate waiting for us after we built snowmen or a snow fort.
(7) My mother's hot potato soup when I was sick or just too cold.
(8) Sleeping near the bedroom window on hot summer nights with a fan blowing softly with Mom always turning it off some time in the night so we wouldn't wake up cold.
(9) My first football game at U. Of Illinois with my Dad and watching Chief Illiniwik perform.
(10) Being the first one up on camping trips and watching the sun rise.