Stuck at 178

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I’m stuck at 178 lbs. There was no change in my weight over the last week. It could have been worse. I spent three sedentary days in the mountains and “was forced” to eat two scrumptious desserts made by my sister Stephanie. I’m lucky I didn’t weigh in at 179 or 180 this week. It’s time to re-group and re-commit. The Ten Pounds Down Weight Loss Challenge reveals the flaws of human behavior. I am determined to do better in the weigh-in one week from today.

Right now it is looking doubtful that I will make my goal of losing ten pounds in ten weeks. It may take me twelve weeks or thirteen weeks. I wil make the weight goal of 174 sometime this summer!

How about you? How is your weight and fitness program going? Please bring us up to date.

I’m excited about a new 12 week program I may start soon. It begins with a sophisticated fitness test that will specify precisely what my body needs in terms of exercise. I’ll have more on that later.

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