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Do I look like a guy who collects a lot of old stuff? I must. Just yesterday I was contacted by two people who wanted to give me their stuff. One gentleman from Chatham County inherited a huge collection of big band records from the 1940’s. He thought I would like to have them. I thanked him for the gesture of generosity but explained that I just don’t have room at home. Later I was sent an email from a woman who wanted to share with me her collection of vintage WRAL t-shirts including one from the environmental campaign “Save Our Sounds.” As she put it: “They are actually still in pretty good shape - no holes, stains, tears, or yellowing. Not bad for being probably 20 years old or more!”  I had to pass on that as well. My t-shirt collection at home is already a closet buster.

Okay. Now it’s my turn. I have something to give away. It’s a collection of knobs, meters and audio jacks. I’ve got this 32 channel Tascam audio console that I have used in my home studio for eight years. I am getting rid of it to make way for a new digital system. The Tascam console is in great shape and works well. I’d be willing to donate it to a church or some other charity. Let me know if you’re interested. My email address is I’m under heavy pressure at home to remove this fine piece of equipment from my garage.

Today’s question: what do you collect as a hobby? The person who comes up with the most creative collection will win a Blue Ridge Reunion CD, which, by the way, was recently voted Best Instrumental Acoustic Album of 2008 by international radio hosts.

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