Day of dread!

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Day of Dread
It was a day of dread. Had I only remembered what my father said: “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it’s due.”

Wednesday is weigh-in day on my Ten Pounds Down weight loss challenge. I took a sneak peak at my progress yesterday. I was almost one pound heavier than my weekly goal. So I cut back on some calories in the morning by sharing my breakfast with reporter Dan Bowens, worked out like a fiend at the gym, settled on a salad for supper and then took a 50 minute walk before bedtime.

This morning at 2:40AM I hit the bathroom scales. Yes! Mission accomplished for the week – down one pound to 178 lbs. That means I only have four more lbs to go to reach my ten week goal of 174. Next week will be a challenge, though. I will help emcee the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this weekend at Linville and that means three days without aerobic exercise. Maybe I can take a break from the talking and toss a caber, sheaf or hammer at MacRae Meadows. More on the Highland Games tomorrow.

So, how are you doing on your weight loss plan? I’d love to hear your reports, observations and questions for nutrition and exercise coach Tara Wind. I saw Tara at the gym yesterday and she said she is more than happy to answers any questions you have about fitness. She is a registered dietitian and marathon runner.

One of the leanest members of the WRAL News Team is Brian Shrader. Kelcey Carlson, Elizabeth Gardner and I were guessing Brian’s weight this morning. We were all way off! How much do you think Brian weighs? We’ll be talking about that and the Ten Pounds Down program today during Live@

Well, it’s time for some lunch. Sorry, Dan. I’m not sharing today!

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