Mascot madness

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Meteorologist Mike Moss came up with a great Carolina Conversations blog idea this week – unusual school mascot names. Mike remembers playing high school football against the Eastman Kodaks of Halifax County. Mike said the players had camera logos on the sides of their helmets. What a hoot! Eastman High was lost in the move toward consolidation but an Eastman Middle School remains in Halifax County. They’ve gotten away from the camera theme. They’re now the Eastman Kodiaks. Gosh, that’s funny!

What was your school mascot? Feel free to include high school and college. What’s the most unusual mascot you’ve heard? I’ll offer a CD prize to the person sending in the most unusual mascot name.

We were simply the Wildcats back in Morganton.   Kelcey Carlson's mom attended Shadeland High School in Indiana.  Shadeland was home of the Peppers. 

In college I went to Carolina and for those living outside this state The Tar Heels might seem like an unusual name. Of course the actual UNC mascot is a ram. I remember getting into a good-natured argument with a Georgetown fan at the 1982 NCAA Basketball Championship game in New Orleans over the meaning of a Hoya!

There are many humorous names. You may have heard of the Abington Galloping Ghosts in Pennsylvania. What are some others? Let’s have some fun with this.

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