Favorite fog stories

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Bill Leslie’s fog pictures

Carl Sandburg wrote that fog came in on little cat's feet. He must have written that before retiring to the North Carolina mountains at Flat Rock near Hendersonville.

I am working on a music project this week in the mountains near Roaring Gap and the fog here came in on big bear claws. It is hugging the hills and hollows and transforming the landscape. I had hoped to get some nice photographs this week but the fog is obscuring the view. So instead of fighting the weather I've decided to work with it.

Attached to this blog are a few photographs I took this morning off the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can barely see 10 feet in front of you up here. I have found the fog to be good for introspection. I sat out on my porch this morning for one hour and meditated on the gray blanket in front of me. I came away relaxed and ready to work on some tunes.

What are your favorite fog stories? Please share.



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