Doughnut Dilemma

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Great! It's National Doughnut Day and I've been told I need to eat more vegetables! That's the update on my diet as I try to shed 10 pounds and get back to my best and healthiest weight. 

Each Wednesday for 10 consecutive weeks I am weighing in and divulging my diet and exercise log as I try to reach a goal of 174 pounds within 10 weeks. I was down to 181 this week but I am struggling to move much lower. Maybe those veggies will help in this Ten Pounds Down weight loss challenge.

Registered dietitians and trainers Tara Wind and Avril Young of Life Time Fitness in Cary are helping me craft a diet and exercise plan that will work. They’ve offered some excellent advice. Plus, I appreciate their encouraging words.

Here's what Avril said about my latest log:

"Congrats on the weight loss! You are very dedicated.

Your food record is looking good. Great job on adding in the morning snacks.

So, how do you feel about vegetables? You seem to do pretty good with fruit intake, but aside from dinner, I don't see a lot of veggies. Could you fit some in with lunch, maybe either steamed veggies, a salad or some raw veggies (try chopped broccoli, cauliflower, sliced zucchini, sugar snap peas or carrots) and dressing? Instead of cream cheese on your bagel, try all-natural peanut butter or almond butter to get in some good fat protein.

You do a pretty good job of this most of the time but just a reminder to always balance your meals with carbs, protein and fat. If you have a salad, add some lean protein (like chicken, tuna, egg whites, salmon) and a small serving of complex carbs (like some brown rice, a small sweet potato, beans - beans are a good source of protein and carbs!). Keep up the great work! You are making great strides in changing your eating habits, which is not an easy task."

Hey, I think I’m in luck. I just found a recipe for Sweet Potato Doughnuts from the Food Network!  What is your favorite doughnut?

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