Best pancakes

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Where can we find the most delicious pancakes in North Carolina? Please vote for your favorite restaurant. Ask your friends. Get them to vote for the best place to get flapjacks.

The next time I eat pancakes I will probably eat them at a restaurant. Here is my sad story.

I broach this topic carefully as I continue my quest to lose weight in the Ten Pounds Down challenge. If I make my weekly weight loss goal I feel I should reward myself with a little comfort food. Last night my goal was to make blueberry pancakes for dinner. I failed miserably. The batter was runny. The first pancake cooked too quickly and burned. The second one was too large for my spatula. When I did flip it half the pancake went one way and the rest of the flapjack the other. I was feeling so culinary-challenged at this point. Eventually, I got a couple of products out of the frying pan that were grotesque but edible. I am calling these The Blueberry Uglies. I’d be glad to share this shameful recipe with anyone who wants it. Second thought – maybe not.

I wrote about my favorite pancake recipe in my book Blue Ridge Reunion. I guess I was about 13 years old at the time. Here is an excerpt:

“One weekend scouting adventure began with a hike from Table Rock into Linville Gorge. Morganton physician Dr. Bill Kirksey led a group of 20 scouts. Despite a close encounter with an ornery timber rattler and a few blisters we had a wonderful time. We camped along the Linville River and were awakened the next morning by the crisp autumn air and the smell of buttermilk pancakes bubbling up on campfire griddles.”

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