Tweaking the diet

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Yesterday I posted my diet and exercise log for the first week of the Ten Pounds Down weight loss challenge. I asked registered dietitian and nutrition coach Avril Young of Life Time Fitness in Cary to look it over. She offered the following advice:

"In general, it looks like you go a long time between meals in the morning, which may be part of the reason you are so hungry after your workouts. Is there any opportunity for a small snack between your 3am and 9:30/10am meals? Maybe some fruit and nuts? I would also add a snack 30-90 minutes before your workout -how about some fruit and yogurt? Great post workout snack! If I am being really picky, there are better bars out there than the Quaker chewy bar - look for one with more fiber and less sugar (try Kashi).

So let's start there with the timing in the morning and before workouts. Remember, you are more active in the first part of the day and that's when you need more."

Excellent, Avril! Thank you very much. Here is my predicament. I have a four hour on-air shift in the morning on WRAL and Fox 50. I've tried eating during commerical breaks but food tends to adversely affect my voice. Nuts and granola bars cause the most problems while on air because small particles get lodged in my throat. Smoother textured food such as bananas seem to work better.

Also I will definitely try a Kashi bar. Plus, I will add a snack prior to my work-out.

Tomorrow, are abs of steel really possible? We'll find out.  And we will get more answers to your nutrition and exercise questions.

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