10 Pounds Down - Day 2

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Day two of the Ten Pounds Down Challenge and I’m feeling great! I hope you are. I had a great work out yesterday and tried my best to watch my diet. I really feel energized today.  How are things going with you? Please share your thoughts.

Some questions have arisen and I’ve got some answers from dietitian and personal trainer Tara Wind. Feel free to ask away. Tara will be getting married soon but will help us out after the wedding. Her registered dietitian colleague Avril Young at Life Time Fitness in Cary has agreed to lend us a hand in our quest to shed 10 pounds this summer.

Okay, here are some of your questions and Tara’s answers:

Healthy lunch ideas:

Brought from home - sandwiches made on 100% whole wheat bread or mini bagels, with turkey/ham, hummus is a great alternative to mayo. Skip the chips and starchy sides opting instead for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Another good idea is a wild or brown rice salad - about a cup mixed with lean protein such as chicken and vegetables - drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. Once per week try a vegetarian meal with beans as the main dish - such as quesadillas or burrito bowls. Eating out - baked potatoes, salad with salsa as a salad dressing, salad bars, subway.

Advice for diabetics
Check your blood sugars as recommended by your MD. Eat every 3-4 hours and do not miss meals. Combine a source of carbohydrate (fruit, milk, starchy foods) with a protein (eggs, cheese, meats, peanut butter). Keep an eye on portion sizes. Avoid concentrated sweets such as sweet tea, soda, juice, candy, cake. . . . .

What's best to eat after a workout
You need both carbohydrates and protein within 45 minutes after working out. Ideal ratio is 4:1 carbs:protein. Chocolate milk and carnation instant breakfast are easy options as is yogurt with fruit. Smoothies are great too - blend together frozen fruit, yogurt, maybe protein powder or peanut butter and enjoy! Liquid foods are easier absorbed than solids post workout.

Will it be hard to lose weight and strength train at the same time?

Nope :) You burn a lot of calories doing both! Cardio is great because it keeps your heart rate elevated the whole time. Strength training is great because for every pound of muscle you 'gain' you will burn an additional 50 or so calories per day raising your metabolic rate. You continue to burn additional calories for hours after completing exercise.

I tried one of those smoothies after my workout yesterday and it was terrific.  Also I have found that keeping a food and exercise diary is quite helpful.  More tomorrow.


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