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As promised we will begin the Ten Pounds Down Challenge tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who plan to participate. Many of you have struggled to shed a few pounds in an effort to feel better, look better and improve cholesterol levels and other blood chemistry. Now we’ve got a team, a measurable goal, a plan and a professional to help us reach our goal.

Registered dietician and trainer Tara Wind of Life Time Fitness in Cary has agreed to lend us a hand in our quest for a healthier weight. One of Tara's favorite phrases is "Less fork and more foot." She will teach us to eat right and get a good work out regimen going.

We will support and encourage each other over the next ten weeks as we reach our goal of losing ten or more pounds. I’m going to weigh tomorrow morning when I awake and post that weight on the blog. My goal is to lose roughly one pound a week over the next two and a half months. Wednesday will be the once-a-week weigh day.

Please don’t worry about posting your current weight unless you want to. The key is to check in every Wednesday with a progress report such as “Hey, a lost a full pound last week. I feel like I’m off to a great start.” We’ll share both progress and pitfalls as we move toward our goal. I am going to keep a food and exercise diary. Maybe you would like to do the same.

Thanks for sharing your recommendations on the best ways to lose weight and get in shape. Here are some of the bullet points I plan to follow:

  • exercise portion control on meals
  • cut down on fried foods
  • keep food and exercise diary
  • regular exercise including aerobic activity and weight lifting
  • cut down on sugar laden foods
  • add more fruits and vegetables
  • limiting red meat
  • avoid processed foods
  • more salads
  • weigh just before shower
  • drink a glass of water before eating
  • eat more slowly and listen to body when it’s full

Coach Tara Wind will elaborate on those bullet points tomorrow and help get us off to a great start. Ten Pounds Down! We are going to make it!

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