Ten Pounds Down

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Could I ask a favor? Would you help me lose 10 pounds? I’ve been carrying an extra 10 lbs. for about two years. I’d like to get down to a certain weight where I not only feel better but my blood chemistry is healthier.

Maybe you would like to join me in what we will call the Ten Pounds Down campaign. We can help make each participant accountable. We’ll check in once a week and share our individual results. Unless you want to, you don’t have to state your specific weight but rather how much you’ve lost or gained over the week. We’ll keep the campaign going for at least ten weeks. This will give everyone plenty of time to achieve a net loss of at least ten pounds.

Here’s my situation. My job has become more sedentary in nature over the years. I sit on the anchor desk for five hours a day now. I do go to the gym at least five times each week and run on four of those days. But I tend to overeat when I get home following a workout. Also, I probably eat too many hamburgers and too much pizza. Plus, I’d like to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. What about you?

What diet tips have worked for you? What is the best way to move Ten Pounds Down from where you are right now? What about your successes and setbacks? Please share your ideas. I will take your advice and some of my own and craft a Ten Pounds Down plan of action. After checking with medical and dietary experts to make sure the plan is sound, I will post it next week when we begin the campaign.

In the meantime, let me ask you a few questions:

(1) What is the best day of the week to weigh? I’m thinking Tuesday or Wednesday.

(2) What are some ways we can help encourage each other?

(3) What incentives can we build into the campaign?

(4) What recreational activities across NC could we incorporate into the campaign?

Thanks for your input! Stay tuned for the official launch of Ten Pounds Down!

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