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Favorite Rascal
Do you know what happened on television 46 years ago this week? It was a memorable moment in the history of The Andy Griffith Show on CBS. A rascal in the truest sense rocked America’s funny bone.

You remember the incorrigible Ernest T. Bass, don’t you? This week in 1963 Ernest T. hurled his first rock through a window on The Andy Griffith Show. 20 more rocks would follow over the course of the highly popular television series. Five of those rocks had notes attached.

Ernest T. was a fictional character played by Howard Morris who died five years ago. Do you remember what he called Barney Fife? Do you recall Ernest T.’s catchphrase?  Who did he want to marry?  How many shows did he appear in on the series?  Please discuss.

The question for the day is: who is your favorite rascal of all time?  Please answer.

By the way, I apologize for the delay on the New Zealand series.  It will run all of next week beginning with a slide show.

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