Guardian angels

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Do you have a guardian angel? Do you believe in supernatural beings who watch over people and protect them from harm? If so, what experiences have you encountered that make you believe in guardian angels? Please discuss.

The issue came up this morning. WRAL's Morning News had the story of a 45 year old man who was talking on his cell phone outside a pizzeria near Boston when he noticed a toddler dangling from a third story window. Robert Lemire bolted across the street and teamed up with a man who had been inside a home for a Bible study meeting. Lemire and Alex Day formed a human net that saved the toddler from the impact of a 40 foot fall. The father of the toddler explained that he was inside caring for a newborn in the family when the incident happened.

This story reminded me of one I heard from my parents in Morganton. At age three I bolted through the screen of my family’s second floor porch. Thank God for a man named Harley who was mowing our lawn at the time. Harley just happened to be mowing below the porch. Harley caught me with both hands and prevented me from falling on the rocks below. I could have died or suffered severe head injuries. Did a guardian angel put Harley in a position to save me that summer day?

The next year I darted onto the busy street in front of our house and was hit by a car and knocked unconscious. Doctors weren’t sure I was going to survive. While my father stayed at the hospital with me my mother went to Grace Church across the street, walked through the open door (it was always open in those days) and prayed that I would pull through. When she returned to the hospital my eyes were open. Though bruised and battered I had no broken bones and was on my way to recovery. Did I have a guardian angel that day?

I’d like to get your thoughts and opinions.

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