Celtic winter

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Sweet Child of the Snow
Before the season slips away I wanted to share with you some wintry photographs from a friend far away. Kira Isacoff (also known as Kira Patefield-Smith) lives in Wales on a farm that was once a Roman fort. Kira is a wonderful photographer and a brilliant writer. Her children’s book Squash and Rowan is a delightful story about Halloween and the power of light conquering darkness.

I first mentioned Kira on this blog in November after she wrote me a letter saying her seven year old son Chap goes to sleep each night listening to my Peaceful Journey album. Kira and Chap both fall within the spectrum of autism. And while they share many struggles they also share many artistic talents and joys. Kira educates Chap at home and they are constantly exploring fascinating stories, crafts, paintings and music. I have thoroughly enjoyed exchanging photographs and emails with Kira over the last five months.

Kira’s creative eye comes out in these three lovely images I have chosen to call Celtic Winter. If you would like to learn more about Kira you can check out her website including blog and book information at

Kira has a cousin who lives in North Carolina. She goes to Warren Wilson College at Swannanoa. I thought it would be nice to have our Carolina Conversations blogging friends send a warm North Carolina greeting to Kira across the sea. Please leave your comments below. Let us cheer a couple of kind and gentle hearts in Wales.

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