Wore slam out!

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Traffic and Internet ace Brian Shrader made me laugh during a commercial break this week when he uttered a Southern expression that I hadn’t heard in a while. Brian said “I’m wore slam out!” Translation if needed – highly fatigued. Brian’s a good ole Southern boy who has heard just about every colloquialism his native region has to offer. Another one of his expressions drew laughter. After consuming four or five hotdogs at The Roast Grill in Raleigh Brian will say “I’m about to bust wide open!”

Indiana native Kelcey Carlson cut her teeth on commercial television in Florence, SC. A favorite expression to come out of her experience along the Pee Dee River was “He’s as ill as a hornet.” Another one Kelcey liked was “He mashed the button,” versus “he punched the button.” Kelcey also likes the way Southern men call ladies “Sug” for short.

Elizabeth Gardner says her mom used to say “I Suwannee” when she was upset. My mother used to say: “It’s hot enough to make the devil sweat” or when the sun breaks through the clouds while it’s still raining: “The devil must be beating his wife.”

Singer Randy Parton coined a classic phrase for getting fired when he said: “Well, I guess I just got throw’d out of the place.”

What’s the funniest Southern expression you’ve heard? Please share.

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