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Best cold weather restaurant

Posted January 14, 2009 8:52 a.m. EST

What restaurant serves the best food when the weather turns bitterly cold? Maybe it's a meatball dish, spinach lasagne, thick and hearty soup in a bread bowl, hot shot chili or parmesan potatoes. Whatever it is, please share your suggestions.

Elizabeth Gardner says she loves the chicken 'n dumplings at Big Ed's in Raleigh on a blustery day. Valonda Calloway craves the broccoli and cheese soup at Panera. I love just about any of the hearty Italian dishes at Amedeos in Raleigh when wintry winds are howling.

What about you? What North Carolina restaurant smooths over those January goose bumps? With this week's arctic blast we could all use some toasty and tasty options.