Big toe blues

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I've got the big toe blues.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go under the knife tomorrow.  My right big toe joint is stiff and inflamed after several months of heavy incline work on the treadmill.  The only long term solution for an active person is surgery.  My right foot will be in a boot for about a month.  My podiatrist says I should be better than ever and will be able to do some serious hiking in three months when I travel to New Zealand.

I should be back to work on Tuesday.  Since I feel very close to our Carolina Conversations bloggers I thought I would share this personal news with you.  I have an excellent surgeon in Cary.  I volunteered for the earliest surgery tomorrow.  5:45 may sound like an early arrival time but it's a piece of cake for someone who gets up normally at 2:35A.M.  Perhaps, "normally" is not the right word to use there!

So, you won't see me kicking any field goals or new car tires over the next several weeks.  But I will be back kicking around in the office in no time.  If anyone has been through this surgery before feel free to help encourage me in my recovery.  Thanks!

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