Walking across North Carolina

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Walking across North Carolina
A relative is planning a solo walk across America. He sees it as an opportunity for great adventure and a chance to ponder his future. Think of all the interesting people he will meet along the way. Think of the diverse scenery. Also, consider the challenges – the aches and pains, traffic hazards and boredom during flat and lonely stretches of America’s highway snake. Plus, what do you do when it’s all over?

I’ve borrowed my relative’s idea and generated the following Carolina Conversations blog topic: Walking Across North Carolina. Personally I would love to do that. How about you? What route would you take? What do you want to see? Would you go alone or with a group or a single partner?

One way to see the state would be to travel Highway 64. You could travel from Manteo to Murphy. However, I wouldn’t want to limit myself to US 64. I think I would focus first on scenic places such as areas protected by the NC Nature Conservancy and state parks. I would also like to steer toward towns with colorful characters and interesting businesses. I’d like to taste the full four seasons of the Old North State including a silent mountain hike in the snow. I might also weave a bit of Charles Frazier into my route borrowing from his marvelous book Cold Mountain.

Those are some of the things I would like to do in my hike across North Carolina. Please share your own itineraries.


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