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Is there a sacred Thanksgiving menu for your family? If so, what is it?

The WRAL morning team was locked in a spirited debate this morning. Lynda Loveland likes to spice it up for Thanksgiving. She plans two new and fairly complex recipes for dressing and cranberries. Valonda Calloway and Elizabeth Gardner said their family members would revolt if the Thanksgiving cook made even a minor change in tomorrow's traditional menu. WRAL Traffic Crusader Brian Shrader also prefers a consistent year-to-year Thanksgiving feast but he has grown to prefer honeybaked ham to turkey as the main dish.

Personally I am happy as long as there's turkey, rice, gravy, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes and pecan pie on the table. The worst Thanksgiving dinner I had was a dozen years ago at a Cary restaurant that ran out of turkey and was forced to break out the canned variety. That was horrendous. Speaking of canned foods, do you like your cranberries rolled right out of the can?

What was your all-time favorite Thanksgiving feast? What was your worst?

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