Nickname Game

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What's your nickname? The person with the funniest or most colorful wins a prize today.

I don't know about you but I have several nicknames. My sister Miriam calls me "Gus. " That makes sense because my middle name is Augustus. Valonda Calloway called me "Willie" on the air this morning. That's okay because Willie Mays was my all-time favorite sports hero as a child.

I also use the nickname "Willie" for my son William. Please don't tell anyone but my wife calls my son "Poochie." His grandfather calls him "Scooter." My daughter Lauren, now teaching first grade, has two nicknames - "Champ" and "Sweetpea."

WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss had a nickname growing up: "Moose." It's hard to believe that the lean and limber Mr. Moss played center on his high school football team but he did and he was a good one. Speaking of lean, what about Lynda Loveland. "Slim" was her nickname in high school. As my father would say about Lynda: "Now, that's one tall drink of water!"

Nicknames can be endearing. What is your's? A copy of my CD "Blue Ridge Reunion" goes to the best one posted today.

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