A letter from Wales

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What’s the most interesting or unusual email you have received in recent weeks? Please discuss.

I get hundreds of emails each week from people commenting on both the news I broadcast and the music I compose and play. Much of the correspondence is helpful. I get news tips that lead to important stories on the air. Viewers are kind enough to correct me when I mispronounce a name. That is so important and believe me I appreciate the help!

Others ask me for information on a story we broadcast. Many of the messages deal with upcoming events that viewers would like WRAL to cover. Still, others ask me to emcee a special program or ride in their town’s Christmas parade.

The only time I get a bit irritated is when someone will ask me a question that they could easily find the answer to by going to Google or some other search engine. And then there are students who want me to do all of their research for a school paper! I get a kick out of those requests.

Last week I received a most unusual email titled "Thank You from Wales." It was the “heart warmer of the week.” The woman who wrote it agreed to let me share it with you.

Hello Bill,

I wanted to write and thank you for your album "Peaceful Journey."
In april 2007, my son was attacked by a horse (3 days after his 6th
birthday). The accident left him with numerous physical injuries, but it
also damaged him emotionally. He's on the autistic spectrum and so
whilst he is very bright and aware, he is also very sensitive and easily
overwhelmed. This was all amplified a vast amount by the trauma he
suffered, and so his sleep went from fitful to impossible.

I remembered how when i was a child (i am also on the spectrum and had a
difficult childhood due to family issues) i listened to music to help me
sleep, and suggested to my son that we try this for him.
Somehow I came across your website, and downloaded Peaceful Journey from
itunes. It helped almost immediately. He started sleeping, his
nightmares lessened, and he began to be more calm in the twilight time
between getting into bed and drifting off to sleep.

Now, 1.5yrs on he is still recovering. He has had 2 operations (there
may be one or 2 more yet to some), and from the outside looks well and
healed; if you didn't know what happened you wouldn't know.
but he has Peaceful Journey every night while he falls asleep. In fact I
can hear it from his room now; the cd is nearly finished as he's been
asleep for awhile.

We've tried other cds (classical, harp, etc) for variety, but he always
comes back to yours and has had it every night for the past few months
at least.

The cd is quiet now, so i shall go switch it off happy in the knowledge
that my little one went safely off to sleep.

Thank you, so very much.

with love,


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