Beyond the Ballot

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So, what do you make of the elections? Feel free to voice your opinions but let’s keep it civil.  Let's look beyond the ballot.

Here are some questions to get you going. Why did Kay Hagan win over Elizabeth Dole by a larger margin (9 points) in the US Senate race than Bev Perdue’s three point win over Pat McCrory in the gubernatorial race? Did the so-called Godless ad serve as a major black lash against Dole?

Were you surprised by Barack Obama’s strong showing in North Carolina and what kind of influence did he have on the state races?

If you were in charge of the Republican Party what would you do to right the GOP ship in NC?

If you were in charge of the state Democratic Party what would you do to keep the train on track?

What advice would you offer Kay Hagan, Bev Perdue and Barack Obama as they get ready to assume their new and powerful positions in government?

How big a role did President Bush’s lack of popularity affect the outcome of elections from the state house to the White House?

Are you hopeful for the future of his state and country?

That should be enough to kindle the flame of Carolina Conversations!

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