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I loved all of your Great Trips contest entries on September 4 and 5th. I really did. I remember the first time I went to the ACC Basketball Tournament. It was a last minute ticket opportunity and I got to see NC State beat Maryland in 1974 in what some considered the greatest college basketball game of all time. So I delighted in reading golffelton’s entry.

My wife and I planned to do a cross country camping vacation right after our marriage in 1976 but never made it because of a job opportunity for me in Norfolk. I still plan to do that with her one day and I’d like to thank javameish for the inspiration to follow that dream.

jakiretgg offered a beautiful summary of her last minute trip to Hawaii. I went there kicking and screaming a few years ago thinking it would be a tourist trap. Boy, was I wrong! I fell in love with Maui and the Big Island and then returned to enjoy the impeccable pleasures of Kauai. Hawaii is paradise. Pure and simple.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been to Moscow but I’d love to go sometime. What a fascinating trip for mdoodle and her jaunt behind the Iron Curtain in 1982.

One of my lifelong goals is to visit all of the national parks. Big Bend of Texas is still on my to-do list and thefensk’s account of his travel to this remote park has rekindled my determination to get there.

I loved jwstevens04’s account of an environmental vacation to New England for two weeks in the summer. I think we all need a little more Walden Pond in our lives to help us focus and stay centered.

You’ve got to admire tangerine’s courage in going ahead with the big beach trip involving multiple families. Sometimes those outings can prove disastrous but not with proper planning and the right attitude. Tangerine’s account reminded me of a wonderful multi-family vacation I was a part of at age 11 on Atlantic Beach.

The ashes story of maeveduir brought tears to my eyes. What a touching tribute to your mother – to travel to Ireland and England after her death and release her ashes at Stonehenge!

I love to fly to Vegas not so much for the fun there but the national parks nearby. The Leslie family can identify with melissameasley’s wonderful vacation out West.

Okay. The moment of decision has arrived. I’ve got to pick three winners. This is tough. Well, here goes: maeveduir, golffelton and jakiretgg.  Congratulations!

Would the winners please send me their mailing addresses so I can send them a copy of my brand new CD “Blue Ridge Reunion?” My email address is:

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