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What great trips have you taken in your lifetime? Short trips. Long trips. What made them special? Was it the place or the people that made it wonderful? Was it a well planned trip or spontaneous? I will give prizes to those with the top three trip stories.

As you ponder those questions let me tell you about a jewel of a journey. I read about it today in my hometown paper, The Cary News. I was so fascinated by the trip that I went online and checked out the blog which chronicled the vacation. The trip grew out of pain. 81 year old Walter Inscoe buried his wife of more than six decades. Life seemed sad and empty for the retired Air Force officer. Walter was lamenting his great loss with his son. He wondered if his grand children might want to see the country with him.

Well, 21 year old Corey Inscoe, a senior journalism major at UNC, jumped at the chance. So did his sister Madison, a 16 year old junior at Cary High School. Walter bought a new car and GPS system and hit the road with the grandkids. It was a 32 day cross-country drive and included stops in New Orleans, San Antonio, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the California coast, Seattle, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Corey used his journalistic skills and blogged about the trip daily. Madison handled the photographic chores.

The Inscoes logged more than 10,000 miles. Walter Inscoe summed up the trip with his grandchildren this way: “I spent more time with them in those 32 days than I have their whole lives. I wouldn’t take a million dollars in exchange for it.”

What a great trip! What is your story? We’d love to hear all about it on Carolina Conversations.

To read more about the Inscoe excursion, check out Corey’s blog and Madison’s pictures at: 

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