Duke wins & I'm happy!

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Mayonnaise Matriarch
Duke wins & I’m happy. That may sound like an odd statement coming from the UNC fan but that’s how I feel today. With nearly 4,700 votes cast in North Carolina’s Favorite Mayonnaise Poll the victory “spread” for Duke’s left the competition in a pile of crumbs. Duke’s solidified its reputation as the upper crust of Southern mayonnaise by slicing a 44% advantage over its closest rival.

Here are the final numbers:

Duke’s 61%
Hellmann’s Real Mayo 17%
Kraft Miracle Whip 13%
Kraft Mayo 8%
Others 1%

Thanks for voting and I appreciate all of your interesting comments. We should tip our hat to Eugenia Duke who created the mayonnaise nearly a century ago in Greenville, SC. I guess it wouldn’t pay to lobby the NC General Assembly to make Duke’s the Official NC Mayonnaise since it is manufactured in the Palmetto State. But, perhaps a resolution is in order. We’ll work on that later. I doubt we can convene a special mayo session of the NC Legislature. That would be spreading our luck a little thin.

Feel free to comment further. I’ve run out of puns.

And I would like to fully disclose that I've never received even a spoonful of free mayonnaise from Duke's! 


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