Pet Peeve of the Day

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What is your pet peeve today? Go ahead. Get it off your chest. We gather here for group therapy every day.

Here’s my pet peeve: people who refuse or forget to turn on their headlights in the rain. Maybe it’s laziness but whatever it is it could turn out to be downright deadly! Sunday, while driving back to the Raleigh area from Grandfather Mountain I encountered several intense thunderstorms and several drivers in front and back of me chose not to activate their headlights. I could barely see them. Here’s what the law says:

“Rain reduces visibility and makes pavement dangerous. You may be able to see only a few feet ahead; therefore you should drive more slowly than usual and you MUST use your headlights and windshield wipers!”

Folks, that’s the law! Feel free to give your opinion on this peeve or post another one. 

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